Karina O'Laughlan

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The future for Karina O’Loughlan is looking brighter by the second. Having enjoyed what she describes as an ‘idyllic’ childhood in Ararat, she is now laying the foundations for a glittering career in the Health Sciences.

To the delight of her family in Ararat, Karina’s efforts at Deakin University have been acknowledged with the award of a Golden Key International Honour Society membership. Membership is by invitation only to the top 15 per cent of tertiary students.

And Karina has also been nominated to attend the prestigious International Scholar Laureate Program. As part of this program, Karina will represent Deakin University and Australia for the 2010 Delegation on Medicine in both China and Australia.

Every term break, though, Karina can be found back in her home-town where her newfound skills are put to great use as Council’s Environmental Health Support Officer.  Under the stewardship of the Environmental Health Officer, Karina is gathering valuable practical skills and experience to help progress her career.

In the longer-term, she aspires to returning to Ararat full-time.

“Ararat is my home. I prefer open spaces and big house blocks ... My friends and I want to return so our children can grow up together. That’s the plan, anyway!” she jokes.

“Ararat is my home. I prefer open spaces and big house blocks ... ”