Sarah Fratin

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Sarah Fratin is a young woman on a mission! The 21-year-old businesswoman moved back to her hometown Ararat in 2007 to open her own beauty therapy salon – a venture she readily admits would not have been possible for her in the city.

“I just wanted to get home. Life is just so easy in Provincial Victoria,” Sarah says.

Initially, Sarah had some reservations about how her business would be received. She was happily surprised.

“I haven’t come across any negativity at all. It’s really been quite simple!”

Having managed a beauty therapy practice in Melbourne for a time, Sarah is able to draw telling comparisons about the disparities in business overheads in the country as opposed to the city.

“It’s all the little things you don’t think of. For example, I couldn’t afford a half page ad in the paper like I can here. I could not possibly have gone into business in Melbourne … rent is so expensive”.

The number of clients visiting Sarah’s salon has doubled in the past three months, a sure sign that business is booming.

“Because Ararat is still growing, there’s room for new business like mine.”

Life is just so easy in Provincial Victoria.