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Welcome to Ararat - A Traffic Jam Free Town

Ararat is the place to get away from the traffic snarls and tedium of stop start driving and tolls. You can be five minutes drive from work or even walk or if you live in the bush you can still commute with a traffic light free run in to town of 20-30 minutes.

Ararat is a major regional service centre in Victoria’s mid-west. Tucked into the foothills of the ancient Grampians region, the city is characterised by huge horizons, spectacular mountainscapes and a vibrant sense of community.

Chinese gold prospectors founded Ararat in 1857 en route to the Ballarat goldfields. Magnificent Victorian-era homes, many of which are National Trust-classified, bear testament to the prosperity of those lucky enough to strike it rich during the town’s early years.

Thriving retail and manufacturing industries are spearheading a growing economy. Ararat is also the gateway to the world-renowned Grampians wine region where wine production, agriculture and tourism are among the economic mainstays.

The region’s magnificent natural environment attracts both thrill-seeking adventurers and those in need of peace and tranquility, and many others in between! From the peaks and valleys of the Grampians ranges to the peaceful stillness of large inland lakes, the region provides abundant opportunities to engage directly with the natural environment. Whether your preferred method of engagement is rock climbing, hiking, kayaking or simply sitting beside a rock pool, the options for getting back to nature are virtually limitless. The region’s relaxed and safe lifestyle are a major drawcard for young families and retirees alike.

Ararat Rural City is comprised of a series of peaceful rural villages – including Pomonal, Armstrong, Elmhurst, Moyston, Warrack, Buangor, Maroona, Rossbridge, Willaura, Wickliffe, Lake Bolac, Westmere and Streatham – all of which are tucked in the foothills and valleys around the major service centre of Ararat.

Of these, Willaura and Lake Bolac are among the larger settlements. Willaura, 34 kilometres south of Ararat, services a predominantly agricultural community. Over the years, it has developed a vibrant, friendly and engaging community and boasts a good mix of local businesses.

Lake Bolac takes its name from the 1460-hectare freshwater lake upon the shores of which the township was built. Today, boating, sailing, wakeboarding and camping are the primary drawcards. But for thousands of years, this was an important meeting place for the Bulugbara people and the many visiting Aboriginal tribes who amassed on the lake’s shores to feast on eels during the height of eel season.