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Perfectly positioned at the junction of several major highways, Ararat has proven the ideal launching pad for this successful kit home manufacturer. RAL Homes supplies quality kit homes across Australia and overseas, and its founder Reiny Loeliger says he wouldn’t position his business anywhere else in the world.

Ararat, he says, is “far better placed” than Melbourne in terms of transport, with “very quick and good access” to major capital cities. Reiny points to the major highway routes, railway junction and the capacity for daily deliveries.

“From an economy point of view, it is superb.”

A carpenter/joiner by trade, Swiss born Reiny landed in Australia in search of adventure.

“I came to Australia as a youngster in 1951 - don’t ask me why... for adventure!”

Travelling through Ararat, a chance encounter led to love and he chose to abandon his travels and settle in the town with his new wife, Lorraine.

Ararat’s rolling green hills are still a subtle daily reminder of Switzerland. Reiny and Lorraine started “an ordinary building business” in Ararat in 1959.

The business has since grown to employ 10 people to manufacture and export kit homes nationally and overseas.

With its “absolutely gorgeous” lifestyle, stable workforce and lowstress environment, Reiny says Ararat is the ideal locale for his business.

“If you have a fire in the belly, go for it,” he says of doing business in Ararat.

“Ararat has the perfect soil (location) for starting your own business. It won’t fall into your hands - you need innovation, cleverness and motivation.”

Quick facts:

Established 1989
1990 Turnover $200,000
2008 Turnover $2,000,000

If you have a fire in your belly, go for it!