Investment Climate

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The Ararat region has a broad-based economy that insulates it somewhat from the vagaries of normal rural ebbs and flows.

Whilst not insulated from the impact of international markets and climate change, Ararat has a resilience that is obvious when talking with its residents.

The workforce is multiskilled, mature and loyal to the region. Their disposable income is kept local in the main, as can be seen by the Household Consumption graph.

Although Agriculture is seen as the dominant employer, higher wages or income within other sectors in the region ref lects the high number of well paid jobs that keep the local economy going during poorer agricultural cycles.

Multi-million dollar capital expenditure in the government sector along with f low-on increases in public servant numbers further reinforces the strong income base of the Ararat economy.

A growing economy

Ararat Rural City Council has prepared for future growth, both with industrial land subdivisions and housing lots.

The unique Caledonian Court estate has a fully integrated water catchment and re-use scheme suited to industry that must use water as part of their manufacturing or service process. The Ararat Renewable Energy Park is zoned for larger manufacturers involved in any renewable energy system or project.